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Houston’s Most Innovative High-tech Video Game Truck

Mobile Gaming Lab brings traditional video games to a whole new level. Aside from our latest games, we also pair it with stunning lights and sounds to provide an immersive experience for all customers.

This is the same reason why we are the leading gaming truck in the entire Houston area. We continuously upgrade our offers and ensure that each customer will have a memorable gaming experience.

Each of our trucks has state-of-the-art gaming equipment, trained instructors, and latest videos games in the market.

Although we offer the best games, we keep our prices affordable so more and more locals and afford it. Our game trucks are innovative, high-tech, and fit on your driveway.

Best Party Entertainment in the Houston Area

Are you looking for a unique party experience? Hire our game trucks so you can now enjoy video games while bonding with your friends. The lights and sounds inside our game trucks are guaranteed to set the party vibe, be it for kids or adults.

We pride in our service as the best party entertainment in the entire Houston area. You’ll never find another game truck that’s as fun and enjoying as ours. Aside from that, we will deliver the entertainment to your location no matter what the weather is.

It’s always our goal to give every customer a fun time. Regardless if you’re a competitive player or someone who just wants to have some fun, there’s something in our game trucks to enjoy.

Our Game Consoles

We have the latest gaming consoles for our customers to enjoy. Aside from that, we also have tons of video games to keep your game party running. You can also bring your own game to enjoy in our immersive game trucks.

Are you a newbie? No need to fret because our game instructors will teach you how to use the consoles properly. This way, all types of gamers can get along and experience various games, sans the learning curve.

Each of our game trucks is loaded with fun. If you’re throwing a large party, you can hire multiple game trucks to accommodate all your guests. You’ll enjoy everything that you’d dream of hiring us again. Call us now to know more!

Why are Mobile Gaming Trucks so Popular?

Unlike playing in your own home, a mobile gaming truck will level up the fun. It has lights, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a whole stock of the latest video games. So whenever you want to have fun with your friends, video game truck rental is an unbeatable choice.

Over the years, game trucks have become popular. They are unique and the idea of driving a whole game room to your yard is truly amazing.

Game trucks are nothing but loads of fun and adrenaline. You’ll get to play the best and most expensive consoles as well as exclusive games. And if you wish to play your own games, game trucks will be your host.

For parents who are worried about the content of the video games, game truck providers will screen the games for you. It’s fun, safe, and a great way to keep the fun running during a party or an event.

Game trucks are kid magnets

Kids will love loads of video games inside a game truck. With multiple PS4s, Xbox, Wii, and more, game trucks are a childhood paradise. Still, it's also perfect for young at heart who want to enjoy the celebration.

It’s the best party entertainment

Are you throwing a party? Nothing gets kids busy but a video game truck rental. So if you want the adults to have a great time, you can rent a game truck. Everyone gets to have fun!

It brings endless fun

Game trucks provide fun and entertainment like no other. It’s perfect for kids and grown-ups who want to experience the joy of gaming consoles.

How Video Game Truck is Right Choice For Birthday Parties

Do you want to level up the fun of a birthday party? Rent a mobile game truck for birthday parties to set the vibe for both kids and adults who will attend. Our trucks are equipped with the latest consoles and video games that will surely keep the fun going. Also, multiple players can play at a time, ensuring that each guest has a spot. If you’re planning a large party, you can rent more than one video game truck rental.

These game trucks will surely magnetize every kid on the block. There will never be a dull time at your celebration. From the latest PS4 games to the old-time classics, we have all the video games for you. If you have a special request, let us know and our game master will cater to it.

Are you worried about the kids? Don’t fret, because each of our game trucks has a game master. This person will oversee the gamers and ensure that no one is getting hurt. Also, we can censor specific games that you will request. Paired with excellent lighting and atmosphere, our game trucks transform into gaming hubs.

Rent a mobile game truck for birthday parties!

Give someone a birthday celebration like no other! You can book our game trucks now wherever you are in Houston, Texas. We will bring the excitement to your yard for a birthday worth remembering. Rest assured that our game trucks are affordable, even if you’re planning a birthday on a budget. Call us and reserve your game truck now!

Things to Know About Mobile Gaming Truck in Houston, Texas

A mobile gaming truck is the new way to host parties and events. Instead of the traditional party games, you can level up the fun with video games and consoles all in one vehicle. Unlike purchasing the games and consoles on your own, you can pay for a video game truck rental instead. You and your guests will get to choose from hundreds of games and the latest gaming consoles in the market.

Parents can request censorship on specific games. Players can also bring their own games they wish to use on the gaming truck.

Inside a gaming truck, you will be transported to a gaming hub. It’s complete with lights, consoles, seats, and other accessories to provide the best gaming experience.

All of these can fit in your driveway. Each truck will arrive at your indicated location, a very convenient way of bringing the fun to your party and events.

What benefits you will get with a mobile gaming truck

Keep the fun going!

The best thing about a mobile gaming truck is it keeps everyone hooked – be it adults or kids. There is a wide range of video game options, from classic to new ones that will surely keep the fun going. Game trucks are massive and all guests can have a spot inside. If you’re organizing a large party, you can rent two or more trucks at a time.

Save more money

Instead of purchasing the video games on your own, you can pay for a video game truck rental instead. You’ll get countless options and a state-of-the-art set up for everyone to enjoy.

No need to rent a venue

The gaming truck itself will be the venue of the party. You can let the kids enjoy inside while the adults have their own party in your yard.