Mobile Gaming Lab FAQs

1. Do we have instructors to explain the game console?

To ensure that our gamers will have the best experience on our gaming lab, we have instructors that will explain the consoles for you. This way, you can enjoy every minute of your stay.

We have plenty of consoles and games for every gamer type. Our team will handle all your concerns and ensure that you have the best gaming experience.

This way, you’ll have an exciting gaming party. Both kids and kids at heart will enjoy visiting Mobile Gaming Lab. All gamer levels are welcome to our gaming labs. Rest assured that you’ll get along the other games through the help of our instructors.

2. Are you available in all climatic conditions?

Our climate-controlled rooms are guaranteed to give you comfort in all climatic conditions. Regardless if it’s raining, snowing, blazing hot, or chilly, our game rooms are always available and well-maintained. We do this so players can hire us and enjoy their stay no matter what the weather is.

As long as it’s safe for us to drive on your area, we will bring the fun to you. Anywhere and anytime, we’ll be there to bring you the latest consoles and games to have the most fun.

Our game rooms will shield you from the harsh weather of the outdoors.

3. Can we bring our own games to play?

You can definitely bring your own game to enjoy! As much as we have a full stack of games to choose from, we welcome all players to bring their games. This way, they can have the best experience and gaming satisfaction in our gaming labs.

Just take note that we will not be responsible for any damage that may happen to your game. We only answer to games that are included in our collection. Proceed at your own risk.

Nevertheless, our previous clients have successfully played their own games on our consoles. If you want, you can request a game to us and we’ll try to get it from you.

4. Do we need to pay in advance?

Take note that our gaming labs get fully booked fast. So to reserve your slot, you have to pay in advance once we confirm your booking. This way, no other customer can steal your schedule. We have online payment methods for your convenience.

However, if you’re corporate or educational customers, please contact us so we can set up the payment terms with you. We may ask a down payment for the meantime to reserve your slot.

5. Should we be concerned about the types of games for kids?

If you have kids that will hop on your gaming labs, just let our instructors know about your concerns so they can address it before opening the labs. They will remove inappropriate games and other games that you deem unfit for children.

Also, you can send us a note ahead during your booking so we can prepare it before arriving in your area. You can also request kids games from us.

You can also ask our instructors to use a certain approach for the kids. We will gladly accommodate as long as it helps boost the gaming experience of all our clients.