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If you're in Houston, Texas, you can now use our gaming labs! Just call us, book a schedule, and will bring the fun to you. We provide the most exciting game parties in the whole state for kids, adults, and kids at heart.

We serve all areas in Houston, Texas. Each of our trucks has great features and dozens of games for every type of gamer. Our team caters to all weather conditions as long as it’s safe to drive and we can reach your location.

At any point in Houston, we will be there to bring the fun for everyone.

The Most Amazing Video Game Truck in Houston, Texas

From the latest games and consoles, we are the gaming truck to hire. We pair our exciting games with exhilarating lights and sounds for an immersive experience.

Be it birthday parties, gathering of friends, family reunion, or just a random gaming adventure, we will be there. Also, our instructors will ensure that you will understand each game and console so you’ll have the best gaming experience.

Delivering excitement to you!

No need to look for fun! We will deliver the games and consoles right next to your home. Our trucks are always ready to drive and bring you the gaming experience you’re looking for. Just call us and we’ll be there!

We cater to educational and corporate customers

Aside from the usual parties and gatherings, we also cater to corporate and educational customers. Just inform us during the booking process so we can set up a different payment system for you. It’s fast and easy to book our gaming trucks!

Affordable fun!

We want you to experience fun without breaking the bank. Our gaming labs are very affordable so that you can afford it for birthdays, parties, and other events. Who says fun can’t be cheap? Book a gaming experience with us to know more!

Mobile Game Truck for Birthday Parties in Houston

Are you planning a birthday party? Have a celebration like no other with a mobile game truck for birthday parties. Aside from the usual drinks, food, and chit-chat, a game truck in Houston will make your party worth remembering. Both the kids and the kids at heart will love our game trucks filled with the newest video games as well as classic favorites. We deliver a party in a box where fun never ends.

Your guests will surely enjoy the brand new consoles in our trucks. Many players can play at the same time, making it an immersive experience for everyone.

We also have a Game Coach that will supervise the party, ensuring that every player finds his or her place inside the truck. And if you’re expecting dozens of guests, you can rent two or more of our mobile gaming truck units!

It’s a low-stress and hassle-free way of organizing a fun birthday party. Our state of the art gaming trucks will surely bring excitement for the big day.

One-of-a-kind birthday party!

If you're looking for a fun host and birthday games in the new age, we are the one to call. We are one of the leading mobile gaming truck providers in Houston. Rest assured that our exhilarating consoles and mobile games will level up the fun of the celebration.

Also, each of our trucks has unique lighting that transports each player to the land of mobile games. They surely won’t get enough of what we have to offer.

For kids, we can censor video games as per your request. We can also stock our trucks with specific games based on your preference.

What is a Video Game Truck?

A video game truck is a rolling gaming hub that you can hire and park in your front yard or business complex! Instead of renting an entire game room, you can rent a game truck in Houston which will be driven to your address. It’s like a party in a box complete with the latest gaming consoles, video games, sounds, lighting, and cushioned seats.

A video game truck rental can be rented for kids' parties, school events, companies, and other events. Inside the truck is a climate-controlled environment perfect for your video game party.

Each gaming lab truck has a game leader who will oversee the players. The game leader will also explain each game and ensure that everyone is given a spot in the truck.

Here at Mobile Gaming Lab, we can customize the selection of games based on your request. You are also free to bring in your own games to play in our truck.

How do you Organize a Video Game Party?

A video game truck rental is an all-in solution if you are organizing a video game party. There’s no need to purchase the games and consoles. Video game trucks are also a great last-minute option if you are too busy to plan the party on your own.

Make sure that you choose the best video games your guest will enjoy. If there are kids, you can request the video truck rental company to censor age-inappropriate games from their list.

At Mobile Gaming Lab, we've got your back for every gaming party! Just let us know the theme of the party and we will prep it for you.